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Welcome to Footech™, Canada’s largest and most widely-recognized provider of custom foot orthotics and premium quality custom footwear and shoes. With 8 convenient Maritime locations, we have been providing our clients with a range of optimal foot health solutions for over fifteen years.

We specialize in the prevention and treatment of many foot and ankle conditions. A properly-fitted foot orthotic can help to reduce knee, and lower back pain by realigning your feet into the most anatomically efficient position for your body. The use of correctly-fitted foot orthotics may prevent the need for future surgery while helping you to maintain and enjoy the lifestyle and activities you care about.

At Footech, custom orthotics are designed to fit into your shoes as easily and comfortably as an insole, with the added advantage of having been shaped from precise imprints of your feet. And we don’t just focus on orthotics alone. Our technicians will take into consideration the types of footwear you typically use as well the range of activities that you normally participate in. Designed to suit your specific needs and requirements, our aim is to ensure that your orthotics are as individual as you are!

Questions? Let’s talk – we would be glad to hear from you and answer any questions you have.

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