Client Feedback

"Being a runner, heel pain was an ailment I suffered quite regularly. After using orthotics in my running shoes, the heel pain has subsided to a point where I now rarely, if ever, experience heel pain"

"Since I can remember, I’ve had problems with pain in the arches of my feet. Walking, playing sport and even doing the housework have been a constant source of aggravation for my arches. A friend suggested I see Footech and I have been amazed at the improvement in my feet. I only wish I had tried their orthotics sooner"

"After breaking my ankle 3 years ago, I had experienced continual aches and soreness in my ankle joint. I had tried everything under the sun but nothing seemed to work for any period of time. That is, until I got my orthotics from Footech. I have been thrilled with the improvement in my ankle and now, I can stand all day in my factory job without any ill effects"

"As an older person, I was determined to maintain my mobility. However, after numerous attempts to treat the pain I had in my feet, my doctor advised me to try Footech orthotics. After a couple weeks of wearing them, the pain subsided."

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