Yes, footwear can be fashionable AND functional at the same time.

It’s never been easier to wear orthopedic shoes without compromising on style!

The secret to success is to choose the right type of shoe for your particular situation and then have your shoes properly fitted to you by a professional.

Not sure about what kind of shoes you should be wearing with your new Footech orthotics?

After a clinical assessment and analysis, our certified technicians can help you to find the right orthotic and shoe combinations to suit all your foot type and lifestyle needs. Visit any of our locations to browse our great selection of fashion, comfort and athletic footwear.

Our custom fit orthotic shoes are available in various styles for both men and women and include fashionable and comfortable sandal, casual dress shoe, boot and walking shoe styles from a range of contemporary shoe makers.

Make sure to discuss your the footwear you currently own with one of our technicians in order to make the most economical use of the boots and shoes you already own. This will let us provide you with some great options to consider for the future.

Of course, all the brands we carry, including sandals, benefit from removable inlays which allow for the easy insertion of custom foot orthotics

Have questions? Drop by one of our 8 locations today.

Footech carries several leading brands in a variety of styles, sizes & widths.

sample of our shoes

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