Improving Your Athletic Ability with Customized Foot Orthotics

Footech President

Jacques Martin, D.S.S., B.Sc., C.Ped.
President, Footech Inc., Certified Pedorthist

Physical activities and sports can put a lot of strain on bones, muscles and tendons, particularly for those new to sports or who are returning after a long period of inactivity. Foot orthotics can often be used to successfully reduce pain and correct the biomechanical imbalances of the leg that can lead to injuries.

Improve control, Increase Agility

Customized foot orthotics are designed to compensate for individual biomechanical malfunctionings as well as to assist in the rehabiliation of fractures, strains and tears. Movement in the leg is controlled in order to correct function and reduce pressure in areas that are prone to injury. In addition to reducing the stress and fatigue that sports and other physical activities can place on feet, orthotics may also help to improve motion control, increase agility, and aid in correcting body alignment. Customized foot orthotics will help to correct biomechanical instabilities created by high or collapsing arches.

Can You Benefit from Using Customized Foot Orthotics?

Did you know that your body size and the speed with which you run may also affect the type of shoe support you may require? To see if you might benefit from customized orthotics, take a glance at the bottom of your shoes. Even wear-and-tear indicates that your gait is normal, but if your shoes are worn out unevenly, you may benefit from the use of custom-fitted orthotics. A professional orthotics technician will evaluate your posture and look at issues that may impact your movement before developing a customized orthotic solution designed specifically for your feet.

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