Skiing and Foot Orthotics

Footech President

Jacques Martin, D.S.S., B.Sc., C.Ped.
President, Footech Inc., Certified Pedorthist

People who ski regularly may place strain on their legs and especially their knees while skiing. Skiers with unstable or overpronated feet may have increased difficulties in turning, as the medial arch of the foot can collapse within the boot before weight is transferred to the outer ski edge.

Ski Boots and Foot Pain

Unlike most footwear, ski boots do not allow a normal gait, as they are designed to limit flexion at the ankle and lock the foot in a stable position. However, the foot is often forced to pronate within the boot, which can cause additional pressure on the foot within the boot shell, often at the base of the little toe, the inside of the ankle, and in the heel. The muscles and tendons of the foot can often become fatigued while resisting the pronatory movement required by the boot, which can in turn lead to aching and pain in both the arch and the mid-foot. The additional support for the foot provided by custom-fitted orthotics can often alleviate fit problems in boots and provide a safer and more stable base for skiers.

Additional Support for Feet

Boot manufacturers often design boots with soft liners, which may initially feel comfortable but do not provide the support required by people with common biomechanical problems such as overpronation.

Improve Your Performance on the Slopes

Customized foot orthotics may also help to improve your performance on the slopes by ensuring a more direct and efficient transfer of pressure from the leg to the edge of the ski. Talk to your orthotics technician about designing the most effective orthotics to support your foot in the most efficient position while providing the most control.

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