Volleyball and Foot Orthotics

Footech President

Jacques Martin, D.S.S., B.Sc., C.Ped.
President, Footech Inc., Certified Pedorthist

Volleyball is a physically demanding and socially engaging sport that is extremely popular throughout the world. Foot and lower leg injuries account for a significant proportion of injuries that occur in volleyball players. The frequent jumping and pivoting involved during volleyball matches can lead to ankle sprains, shin splints, and patellar tendinitis. Volleyball players may often choose to wear an orthotic device in order to prevent injuries to their knees, ankles or feet as well as to protect them from the repetitive stress of regular activities.

Lower Leg and Ankle Instability

Research studies have shown that foot orthotics can help to enhance balance and proprioception in the foot and ankle by stimulating sensors on the plantar surface of the foot. Customized foot orthotics may help to increase the surface area of contact between the foot and the ground, increasing the field for sensory input. Firm orthotics can help to improve postural control by enhancing tactile input to the bottom of the foot, particularly for people who suffer from pronation or high arches.

Functioning at Your Highest Potential

Biomechanical irregularities in the foot can lead to increased fatigue, loss of efficiency or instability in the leg and ankle, all of which can have a significant impact on your abilities as an athlete. Customized foot orthotics can help to protect stressed areas and redistribute weight evenly across the entire foot, creating the support and stability that your feet need to function at their best, while helping the mucles, tendons and bones of the lower leg to function at their highest potential. Let the games begin!

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