Footech Orthotics Campbellton, New Brunswick

157 Water Street
Campbellton City Centre
Campbellton, NB
E3N 3L4

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tel: (506) 789-1685
Fax: (506) 753-5220

We are Atlantic Canada’s leading provider and manufacturer of foot orthotic and pedorthic devices. With eight locations throughout the Maritimes, we pride ourselves on our high level of expertise, technical support, and unparalleled service. In addition to controlling biomechanical function, properly-fitted foot orthotics can help to alleviate chronic leg, knee and foot pain, allowing you to maintain the lifestyle and activities you enjoy. Our technicians are trained to evaluate and design orthotic devices to the highest standards. Drop by or call us today for an in-depth assessment. We’re always happy to assist with questions regarding the fitting, evaluation, and follow-up process.

Custom orthotics

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