Foot Orthotics can help your whole body function better and help with foot pain.

Orthotics are functional devices that, when properly designed and fitted, optimize and correct natural foot function. While regular footbeds are designed to provide a cushioning effect make walking and standing feel more comfortable, orthotics re-align the feet and ankles to restore foot function and increase overall mobility. Well-designed orthotics can provide a more even weight distribution and alleviate pressure on sore areas such as the ball of the foot or the heel. While some orthotics may also provide shock absorption, the principal purpose of an orthotic insole is to improve foot function, reduce pain, and help to prevent future injury.

Orthotics have been found effective in the treatment of heel pain, Morton’s Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis, and various other common foot, heel and toe problems. In addition to this, poor foot biomechanics are often the cause of problem pain in the legs, knees and back. Over-pronation of the foot can cause the lower leg to rotate inward and the pelvis to tilt forward, placing additional stresses and strains on the legs and back. Orthotics have been used in the successful treatment of shin splints, knee pain, and chronic lower back pain.

Different types of foot orthotics are available and can range from “personalized” to “customized” solutions, which are prepared by certified pedorthists and used in conjunction with appropriate, quality footwear for maximum results. The two main types of orthotics offered at Footech include:

Customized orthotics

Customized orthotics are pre-fabricated insoles that include additional features such as arch supports or heel wedges, that can be adapted to suit individual feet.

Custom-made orthotics

When maximum comfort and performance is required, custom-made orthotics are the device of choice to ensure a perfect fit. Designed from castings and computer-assisted analyses of each individual foot. Custom-made orthhotics can also be modified to include a variety of subsequent corrections in order to allow for the enhanced treatment of complex conditions and biomechanical imbalances.

Both customized and custom-made orthotics enable the feet to be held in a more stable position in order to correct imbalances and reduce stress and strain on the rest of your body. Over time, the use of orthotics may help to give you relief from both pain and fatigue – so that you can once again enjoy your favourite activities in comfort.

Wondering if foot orthotics are for you? Contact Footech™ today and let a certified professional answer any questions you might have.

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